What to do when my equipment has values above the defined tolerance?

The following needs to be evaluated:

  • What impact this may have had in the process;
  • What led to the degradation of equipment? – misuse, frequency of use, inherent susceptibility to degradation etc .;
  • Is the set tolerance the most appropriate for that type of equipment? – often very tight tolerances are defined for the specifications of the equipment;
  • Can a correction factor be applied?;
  • Does the equipment need to be changed?

How often should we calibrate the equipment?

The frequency of the calibration of equipment depends on several factors:

  • If the equipment is or is not likely to change its characteristics over time;
  • If it is a device whose behaviour is not known, the calibration period should be shorter;
  • If the equipment has historically, in previous calibrations, not presented good reproducibility;
  • If it is subject to any standard or procedure which specifically indicates the frequency of calibration.

Must my measurement equipment be calibrated?

If the goal is to have reliability in the obtained measurements, yes. In this case, we calibrate the equipment, so as to have a degree of confidence in the values indicated.