ENEC and ENEC+ certification

What is this? Who uses this brand?

ENECThe ENEC mark is a European mark, indicative of high quality, for electrical products that demonstrates compliance with European standards EN.
The ENEC Agreement is an agreement that attributes a common European mark.  This mark contains an identification number of the certification body who attributed it.  This identification number is different to all other certification bodies.
This Agreement is applied:

  • Generally to electrical equipment, including lamps, in accordance with the standards of the EN 60598 series and its components;
  • To all appliances in accordance with the standards of the EN 60335 series, and its components;
  • To information technology equipment in accordance with EN 60950.

This mark is recognized in all countries, whose Certification Bodies are signatories of this European certification agreement. The ENEC Mark not only allows easy access to the EU market, but also to all the EFTA (European Free Trade Association) – intergovernmental organization created to promote free trade and economic integration of its four member states (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland). This mark has a high level of acceptance and recognition in eastern Europe and brings many advantages to companies that manufacture, import or sell the above products, as it avoids the need to apply to each certification body for the mark of each of these countries, which would make the marketing of these
products expensive and time consuming. The European ENEC mark replaces all European brands within the European Union and makes it unnecessary to perform other tests done by various certification bodies. It is a mark that is recognized and well implemented at European level because it is a choice of manufacturers, authorities, consumers and other economic agents, which are all represented in the various decision-making bodies of the ENEC Agreement. The ENEC mark, affixed to a product is a guarantee that it complies with the Low Voltage Directive, and permits the use of the CE Marking, without need for further testing. The ENEC mark is complementary to the CE marking obligatorily used on electrical products placed in the European market. Being granted by a third party, independent of the manufacturer and / or importer, the ENEC mark always means that the product is safe and complies with the applicable European directives for the product, for example with the Low Voltage Directive.