CE marking

The CE marking on the product is the evidence given by the manufacturer that these products comply with the provisions of the Community directives that apply to them, allowing them to move freely within the European Economic Area (EEA).
Marcação CEThe CE marking applies only to products covered by Directives New Approach which defined the essential requirements to be met by products, mainly aimed at safety, health and environmental protection by referring characteristics and requirements to technical specifications. The CE marking is the responsibility of the manufacturer or its agents or authorized representatives established in the EEA, and must be applied following the application of the mechanisms described in the policy or applicable directives, complemented by Community decisions. The CE marking must be placed in a visible, easily legible and indelible way on the product itself, on a label attached to it, on its packaging or on the accompanying commercial documents. The CE marking is intended to allow the free movement of goods within the EEA, thus distinguishing itself from other voluntary marks, whose main objective is the enhancement and product differentiation in the market. In parallel with the CE marking, national or other marks can be placed, provided they do not reduce the visibility and legibility of the CE mark and do not mislead as to its meaning and graphics.