Gas Networks Facilities Inspection

  • Inspection of the visible parts of the gas installation;
  • tightness test;
  • Verification of ventilation conditions;
  • Verification of working gas appliances;
  • Verification and approval of gas installation projects.

According to Decree No. 362/2000 of 20 June, inspections of gas facilities should be undertaken in the following circumstances, regardless of the type of installation:

  • In new installations;
  • After alterations or repairs to existing installations;
  • After corrections of gas leaks;
  • With new gas supply contract.

In addition, the frequency of periodic inspections of gas installations varies according to the nature of the facilities:

  • 2 in 2 years for gas installations in the tourism and catering industry, schools, hospitals and other health services, barracks and any public or private establishments with a capacity of 250 people;
  • 3 in 3 years for industrial plants with annual consumption of over 50,000 m3 of natural gas or another fuel gas equivalent;
  • 5 in 5 years for gas installations that are over 20 years old and have not been remodelled (situation applicable to domestic installations performed after December 1999, under Decree-Law No. 521/99, of December 10).

As regards the common areas in some installations, the promotion of these inspections is the responsibility of the owners, while inspection to private homes is the responsibility of renters/owners.