Electrical Installation Inspection

LIQ is recognized by DGEG as Entity Inspector of Power of Private Service Facilities (EIIEL), (Inspection Entities for Electrical Installations) in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 14/2015 of 16 February.


  • Certification of electrical projects and electrical systems, developed by CERTIEL – Certifying Association of Electrical Installations.
  • Functional assessment of facilities:
    • Verification of compliance of facilities with standards and regulations;
    • Verification of the conditions of the installation;
    • Assessment of the condition, maintenance and deterioration of facilities and equipment;
    • Identification and issuing of Report with deficiencies and non-compliances and recommendations for improvement actions and corrective measures;
    • Technical audit of maintenance services.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of power quality:
    • Analysis and monitoring of power quality, according to NP EN 50160;
    • Monitoring disturbances and transients in electrical networks;
    • Measuring and recording the harmonic distortion of voltage and current;
    • Registration of the waveform;
    • Determining the nature and origin of harmonic distortion;
    • Measuring and recording of all power parameters and electric power;
    • Continuous monitoring.
  • Inspections of solar photovoltaic systems:
    • Assessment of Needs
    • Preparation of tender documents, with the inclusion of technical specifications;
    • Verification of compliance with technical standards at the facility;
    • Verification of the conservation status of system;
    • System operation verification;
    • Clarification of doubts;
    • Reception of solar installations;
    • Preparation of technical reports;
    • Presentation of technical solutions.